Hair Extension Aftercare and Tips

Everyday Maintenance

Wash and shampoo your hair with Dreamy Lengths Argan Oil, sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Allow the conditioner to soak into the extensions before rinsing but avoid getting any product on the root area. 

We strongly recommend applying the Dreamy Lengths Argan Oil hair mask to your extensions at least once a week to keep your extensions in the best condition possible. To give your hair some extra TLC we recommend sleeping in your hair mask.

Your hair extensions do not produce their own natural oils so applying 8-10 pumps of our pure Moroccan Argan Oil to washed, damp hair will keep your hair extensions super hydrated at all times. We recommend the use of only Dreamy Lengths products that have been specifically formulated to look after your locks and increase the lifespan of your hair.

brushing and sleeping

​Brushing and Sleeping

Start brushing your hair from the bottom and slowly work your way up. We recommend purchasing one of our Dreamy Flexi brushes for this to prevent breaking and damage to your natural hair. 

Never go to sleep with wet hair to prevent tangling. Braiding the hair is recommended to help maintain both your natural hair and your extensions when sleeping.

What to Avoid

Strictly avoid salt water and avoid chlorine. Both will dehydrate your extensions and can cause discoloration and matting of the hair. Wearing a hat in the sun can help protect against the UV rays. If you do come into contact with these just ensure you thoroughly wash them followed by a good hair mask.

hair extension aftercare
aftercare to prolong lifespan of hair extensions


We cannot give a definitive lifespan on any hair extensions, but how you look after them will have a huge effect on how long they last. Treat them as you would treat your natural hair and keep heat usage to a minimum. Also using a good heat protector will help the life span and help prevent colour fading.

All our hair is put through slow, gentle processes to retain its quality. We use the highest quality, untreated virgin hair that starts it’s life as dark brown/black & is gradually processed to achieve our lighter shades. From our browns all the way to our lightest blonde, our shades will go through the same processes.
So keep in mind that our lighter colours go through a longer process, so these shades do require more Love & Care once fitted.


1. Always keep a separate pair of pliers solely for nano’s to your bigger bead methods.

2. Ensure you can see no daylight between the end of the pliers when they are squeezed together.

3. Pre-load your loops to ensure you have a good speedy method and so your rhythm doesn’t get ruined.

4. Only use silicone lined nano beads as they provide extra grip and protection to the hair.

5. Advise your clients that maintenance is to be done between 8 and 12 weeks, but those with ultra-fine, fragile hair can come as soon as needed like 4-6 weeks.